All editors should read the Best Practices on this page before making ANY changes to a webpage, then review the Pittsford PTSA Website Style & Editing Guide and Tutorial Page for further guidance.

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Why three different tools?

Website creation tools don’t always have the best mail options. Mail tools don’t have the best form creation tools, etc. The best tools for each job were chosen and integrated with each other.

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Pittsford PTSA Website Style & Editing Guide

Wix Knowledge Base

Pittsford PTSA Website - Branding Basics & Best Practices

Visit the Pittsford PTSA Website Style & Editing Guide created specifically for the Pittsford PTSA website. The guide gives detailed information about how to edit a Pittsford PTSA web page on Wix. The Wix Knowledge Base is an additional resource.

These are Best Practices to follow when creating or editing a Pittsford PTSA webpage. Follow these guidelines diligently.


Though color, fonts and other design elements are used by professional graphic designers in website design, this site was specifically designed to make the maintenance of the site easy for multiple non-professional editors and keep it easy to use by parents. 


Always use the the standard gold button. This is the only button that should be used on the website. Do not change the color, shape, height or font or add shadows. Vary the length to best fit the content.  



Why should I always use the gold button?

Consistency = Ease of Use

The PTSA website is primarily an informational/resource site with a lot of text, most of which won't be read by users. Users visit the site to take an action--Join, Donate, Register. After a few visits to the sites, users will know the gold button means "action" and will be able to visually find it on the page instantly. It is counter-intuitive: you think a bigger, colorful, different button will make it stand out on the page, but it actually confuses users more than helps them.


Always use the standard font style and font colors specified below. AVOID USING COLORED FONTS. (See reasons below) 



Heading 1

Typeface: Open Sans Condensed

Size: 25px

Line-height: Automatic

Color: #0B2D57

Heading 2

Typeface: Open Sans Condensed

Size: 22px

Line-height: Automatic

Color: #0B2D57

Heading 3

Typeface: Open Sans Condensed

Size: 18px

Line-height: Automatic

Color: #0B2D57


Paragraph/Body Text

Typeface: Open Sans 

Size: 15px

Line-height: 1.5

Color: #414141

*NOTE: Choosing 'Paragraph 2' will automatically set the above parameters for you. Text must be selected to change it

But this font is pretty!

Yes, it is pretty, but save it for the thank you note to Grandma.


Mom, are you yelling at me or did you leave CAPS LOCK on again?


Mom, never say that in front of my friends. Ever.

I want to go back to when you were little and loved rainbows and lollipops.

I can't even. Literally.

Why should I always use the standard specified fonts?

Consistency = Readability



Not all fonts are recognized by all devices, operating systems and browsers. The Open Sans font was chosen for easy readability and versatility across platforms. Not all colors will be visible on all platforms. The navy/black/gray colors of the chosen fonts are compatible across most platforms.


Color-blindness is common. Not all colors are visible and contrast is important for people that experience color deficiency. The navy/black/gray font colors where chosen because they are easy to read for all people. 


If there is a strong need to post a short-term, critical message such as "Meeting Cancelled," ideally add a symbol to the message.


Pittsford has a large international population. Online website translators don't recognize all fonts or all font colors.


  • Less is more - say it in the fewest words possible

  • Use buttons when appropriate

  • Use bullet points to break up content

  • Avoid using "you" and "we" when possible - content in the first person may be viewed as an opinion, best to avoid than risk offense

  • Avoid expressing personal opinions - see example below

  • Make a word within the body text a link instead of saying "Click Here"

  • Don't worry about using "please" and "thank you" - use them in emails for a more personal tone



If you would like to register for this program, you can do so by clicking here to go to the appropriate registration form.​ Click Here for the form.


Donations to <Charity ABC> will run January 15-January 20. A "Donate" link will be posted on this page on January 15.


We know you are all excited to participate in the donation drive for <Charity ABC> and we have received several inquiries from parents about when it will start. The drive will start on January 15 and run through January 20. We will be posting a link here on this page that can be used to make an online donation, so please check back! Thank you so much for all of your generosity and for contributing to this worthwhile cause!!!

Note: Though the intention of the message above was probably to be encouraging and appreciative, assumptions are made and the personal opinions of the writer are expressed with the use of "we know you are all excited" and "worthwhile cause." 

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