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Your help is needed: 

Three gifted education statewide bills were introduced this NYS Legislative Session (2023-24). The bills are as follows:

  • A3954 (The Gifted Education Reinforcement Act) – “…to establish statewide standards for gifted education programs; [and] requires school districts to be accountable for providing such programs.”

  • A672/S1821 (Screening for Gifted and Talented Students)

  • A514 (Expand Access to Advanced Courses to Improve Educational Equity)

All three bills have been referred to the Education Committee in the Assembly. Getting any of these bills passed is a step in the right direction for New York's diverse gifted populations. Here’s where your voice is so critical.

Your Voice Is Critical and NOW is the Time to ACT!


Our immediate goal is to get the bills "on the floor", the next step in the state legislative process. Read over each bill. Decide which one(s) you support and reach out to your Assembly or Senate Member!


We urge you to please your Assembly Member and ask him/her/them to support the bill(s) or sign onto the bill as a sponsor. You can find their contact information here. 

While emails are welcomed, phone calls are more powerful, so if you have the time to do so, we encourage you to call their office. A sample script is offered below.

Hi, my name is _____. I am a constituent of Assembly Member _____’s and I live in [name of your town/city]. I am calling to urge Assembly Member______ to work with his/her/their colleagues to move ___ (insert bill #) out of the Education Committee to the full Assembly for a vote. Furthermore, I encourage the Assembly to fund the mandate for gifted education programs. New York State is one of only 8 states that does not mandate identification or services nor provides any state funding for gifted education opportunities. Gifted and twice-exceptional students have different learning and social-emotional needs than their age-peers. They require a differentiated education which is responsive to their learning needs. It is imperative that New York State pass legislation requiring public schools to identify, serve and fund gifted education for all students, so that gifted students, like their peers, can reach their full potential. Thank you for your time! I'm grateful for your consideration of this matter which is critically important to____ [ me/my family/community/child].

Let's work together to bring quality, inclusive gifted education to all of New York State.

Gifted New York State, Inc. (GiftedNYS), is a not-for-profit organization of parents, educators, and professionals who have come together to support the needs of New York’s gifted and twice-exceptional (2E) student population and their families.

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