Who's Who

The District PTSA communications team consists of Jason Destein, Parag Patel and Tarryn Rozen. All three can be reached by emailing website@pittsfordptsa.net. One of them will respond to you in a timely manner.


Jason Destein is married and the father of two Pittsford students that attend MCE and CRMS.  Jason is involved several endeavors including running a business and teaching at the University level.  Jason is fully committed to PTSA and will respond to questions and requests as soon as possible via email or phone when available.

Parag Patel has two children, one at MCE and one at BRMS. Parag works full-time and sometimes available to reply to quick questions during the day. He does check his email in detail in evening and over the weekends. 


Tarryn Rozen has two children, one at CRMS and one at SHS. Tarryn works full-time and is not as readily available during the day to answer PTSA emails, however she does check her emails every night. Tarryn is self taught on all the website stuff but has been working on the PTSA website/communications team for over 10 years.

Website Education

Getting started:

Complete website volunteer form (this only needs to be completed once, when you start your first website/enews role)

Best practices

Self Help



Al logins are specific to a building or program and thus must be passed on to new chairs when you leave your role. Please make sure you pass on this information in the transition. 

If you are new to your position and don’t know the logins you need (e.g. Wix, Cognito, Mailchimp) please reach out to your predecessor first. If you cannot get hold of them, contact us and we can see if we can figure out the password or reset it.


Each building and some District PTSA programs have a pittsfordptsa.net email address.

This address is just a “front” (alias) and the address forwards to the current person in charge of that building, enews or program.

Keep Us Updated. When you pass on your role to someone new, we need to know so we can update our records of who to contact with updates and information, as well as update the @pittsfordptsa.net alias address for your building/program


Please read this document to refresh/educate yourself on what we can and cannot do on our webpages and in our enews. Chairs this is important for you to read too so that you are not asking your enews or website person to do something they should not do. Pittsford PTSA Electronic Communications Policy


When a request is made for an item to be placed in your enews, it should be processed via a Cognito form to keep track of requests. Each building has the option to receive those requests directly or via a joint form. Please decide which process works best for your enews. For example, CRMS has their own form that is used, see here

However, they do still get requests from District PTSA because some requests made are for all buildings and the person just went to the District PTSA form to submit the news, see here . Other buildings just use the District PTSA form and requests are forwarded to them.

Please also note that all enews publications have a set date for distribution (unless the occasional urgent exception needs to be made). This was set up so that parents are not bombarded with multiple PTSA emails in one day if they are subscribed to multiple enews publications. This is the current schedule, if this is not what is happening, please contact us so we can discuss this further:

  • District Enews: As needed, but generally on Tuesdays. Other groups must not send news on Tuesdays.

  • ACE: Every other Wednesday

  • JRE: Every Thursday

  • MCE: Every Sunday

  • PRE: Every Monday

  • TRE: As needed

  • BRMS: Every Monday

  • CRMS: Every other Friday

  • MHS: Only use Morning Announcements

  • SHS: Every other Monday or more often if needed

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Saturdays as needed

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