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Pittsford PTSA - Nominating Committee Procedures  

Enacted January 2022 in accordance with PTSA Bylaws  


These Procedures outline the work of the Nominating Committee and supplement,  not replace, the Pittsford PTSA Bylaws. In the event of a discrepancy between the Bylaws  and Procedures, the Bylaws must be followed.  


  •  The Nominating Committee is charged with "finding the best possible nominees  for office" and their work is vital to the overall health of Pittsford's PTSA.

  • Prior to commencing their work, the Committee must familiarize itself with the Unit Bylaws, these Procedures; and Section 7 of the NYS PTA Resource Guide.

  • In accordance with best practices as outlined in the Resource Guide, the dates,  times, and locations of meetings, as well as the deliberations of the Nominating Committee are strictly confidential, both during and after the elections. When electing members to this Committee, the PTSA membership should seriously consider each candidate's ability and willingness to commit to strict confidentiality.

  • No member of this Committee may be appointed. The President may not serve on this Committee.  

  • The President and President-elect are responsible for facilitating the  development and work of the Nominating Committee.

  • The President must not influence or otherwise be involved in the process itself.  


All Officers (except for the President) and the four Vice Presidents must be elected. The following are the positions that must be filled by election of the Nominating Committee  and vote of the PTSA members:  

  • President-elect *  

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary *

  • VP of Education  

  • VP of Resource and Development *

  • VP of Communication and Publication

  • VP of Program Support *

(* Positions that need to be filled this year are marked with an asterisk.)  


  • The Committee is formed by elections (see below) at a PTSA meeting and presents its slate of nominees at the June PTSA meeting each year.

  • The Committee should be prepared to provide updates on its progress at the April and May PTSA meetings, though no information pertaining to specific candidates can be discussed.


  • All PTSA members should be asked to consider volunteering for this Committee  and should fill out the Cognito form to express interest in being considered.

  • There are five members on the Nominating Committee, as follows: 

    • Three of the members shall be elected from the Executive Board (Executive  Board = Executive Committee and chairs of standing committees); and

    • Two of the members shall be from general membership and NOT be members  of the Executive Board.  

  • Election of all 5 members shall take place at a PTSA meeting. Members of the Executive Board may participate in the vote at this meeting.  

  • Voting for committee members is by simple majority, and voting is by ballot in person. The PTSA President and President-elect are responsible for ensuring that an appropriate ballot voting system is used for tallying the votes, and for posting the list of Committee Members within a week of the election meeting. The President and President-elect should also notify the elected members directly.  


  • The Committee selects its chairperson by majority vote. There may only be one chairperson.  

  • The Chairperson has several responsibilities as outlined in Section 7 of the NYS  PTA Resource Guide, pages 19-20.  



  • Nominees must be PTSA members. A complete list of PTSA members should be provided to the Committee immediately following the election meeting.

  • Nominees should be the persons most qualified to hold the position and should have experience in PTSA.  

  • The Committee shall elect one person (only) for each open seat.  

  • Only candidates who have agreed to serve if they are elected shall be nominated.

  • Members of the Nominating Committee may be nominated; they must excuse themselves from portions of the meetings during which their qualifications will be discussed.  

  • The Committee should apprise nominees of their selection and invite them to attend the June PTSA meeting, at which the elections will be held.

  • The report of the nominating committee will be posted to the PTSA website no later than two weeks before the election to approve the slate.  


  • The slate of nominees is presented at the June PTSA meeting by the Committee Chairperson.  

  • The Chairperson then announces the names of any nominations from the floor, only if the process as outlined below has been followed.  

  • The Chairperson makes a motion that the slate of nominees be adopted.

  • Once the slate is presented, the Nominating Committee is automatically dissolved.  


  • At the June PTSA meeting, nominations may be made from the floor only if:  

    • The nominee has provided written consent that they can be nominated and that, if nominated, they are willing to serve; and  

    • At least two business days before the June PTSA meeting, the Chairperson of the nominating committee has received written notice of the candidate's intention to run.

  • Voting on nominees from the floor is done by ballot in person.


  • The Bylaws prohibit officers from remaining in their positions after two years. Unfilled positions will remain vacant.  

  • A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by a majority vote of the executive board according to Unit Bylaws.  


Pittsford PTSA Unit Bylaws (see Article VII) 

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