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Program Enrichment Grants

The Pittsford District PTSA maintains an on-going fund for Program Enrichment Grants. School faculty, staff, school organizations, and parents are encouraged to apply for funds for a specific project or program.

Important Information

Grant requests are reviewed by the Grants Committee once per month. Approved grants will be awarded immediately after the committee review meeting. Any PTSA Grants Committee member with specific ties to a grant request will be asked to excuse him/herself from the voting.

PTSA is prohibited by law from paying for training or travel expenses.  

PTSA Grant recipients may not reapply for same program for three years.  

Total amount requested for an individual grant should NOT exceed $2000.


2023-2024 District PTSA Grants Committee:

Dawn Schnell- Grants Committee Chairperson

Colleen Emmons - District PTSA President

Kristin Hans - District PTSA President-elect

Virginia Brown - VP Resource & Development

April Du - District PTSA Treasurer

Grant Guidelines

Grants funds are intended for:

  • Startup programs

  • Support when other funding is unavailable

  • Items not part of the regular educational program of the School District

  • Programs that support the School District and District PTSA mission

  • Programs and events that are not supported through other means

  • Programs that directly affect a large percent of the student body

  • Clubs and programs sponsored through the school (ASE)

  • Teacher programs or supplies

  • Speakers presenting at the district level

Grant funds are not intended for:

  • The sole means of program support

  • Use by any non-profit organization

  • Use by a booster club

  • Assemblies/speakers in individual schools

  • Travel costs

  • Routine expenses and equipment;

  • Use by same program in less than 3 years

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