Honorary Life Membership Award

AWARDS CEREMONY: April 27th, 2021 at 7-9pm at SHS Auditorium

The NYS PTA Honorary Life Membership Award acknowledges members of the community who have gone above and beyond normal job or volunteer expectations in serving Pittsford youth, Pittsford PTSA presents the award to recipients each spring.

Recipients are chosen by a committee of PTSA leaders from nominees submitted by the wider Pittsford community. Nominees must be show to have dedication to the youth of Pittsford in three categories:

Volunteer efforts and/or significant contributions above and beyond normal job expectations over an extended period of time.

Outstanding personal qualities that have enabled the nominee to serve as a role model for youth.


Ongoing availability and willingness to serve the needs of youth, directly or in an administrative capacity. You can view a list of  past winners below.

Nomination Process

Each step must be completed before proceeding to the next phase.


Phase 1: Pre-nomination application (opens January 1st 2021)

Deadline for Phase 1: February 12th, 2021

The lead sponsor submits a pre-nomination application with the following information for review by the Awards Committee:

  • Nominee name

  • Volunteer activities

  • Paragraph describing how the nominee meets the criteria


Those meeting the criteria will be invited to proceed to Phase 2. Those not meeting the criteria can reapply next year or seek other avenues of recognition.

View and complete the pre-nomination application online.

Phase 2: Nomination with support letters

Deadline for Phase 2:  March 27th, 2021

The Award Committee will contact the sponsor by March 1 to request seven letters of support for the nomination: one from the lead sponsor and six from other members of the community.  Instructions regarding the scope of the letters and method of submission will be provided at that time. The letters must detail how the nominee has made extended and significant contributions to enhance the lives of youth in our community.  


View a sample support letter below in Related Documents.

Phase 3: Recipient Selection

The Awards Committee will review support letters. Recipients and their sponsors will be notified by March 31st and invited to the to the awards ceremony, held on April 27th from 7-9pm.

Contact Committee Chair, Amy Betti with questions.

Nominee Criteria

Only those meeting all of the criteria should be nominated. 


Significant Contributions and Positive Impact on Youth

How has the nominee used volunteer or professional efforts, above and beyond normal job expectations and over an extended period of time (ten years or more), to improve the lives of young people?

  • Describe the nominee’s direct and indirect interactions with youth.

  • Include the time spent in service to children.  Detail the years spent in various positions/programs.

  • Give details of the programs/initiatives, which the nominee spearheaded.

  • Describe how the nominee has been consistently available to youth and/or those involved with youth. Give details of hours of service or other evidence of accessibility.


Community Involvement

How has the nominee used his/her involvement in community and/or service organizations to benefit others, including young people?

  • Describe the nominee’s volunteer activities outside of his/her job.

  • Give specific examples of the contributions the nominee has made to these organizations.  Include committee, board, and project work.

Outstanding Personal Qualities

What attributes does the nominee possess that enable him/her to serve as a role model and/or mentor for youth?

  • Describe how the nominee models behaviors that have a positive influence on young people

  • Give examples of how the nominee has handled difficult or sensitive situations to positively impact youth.

2021 Honorees

Pittsford Central PTSA honored the following members of the Pittsford community with 2021 New York State PTSA Life Membership Awards.

Sandy Stein, Laura Schulitz, Lorinda Spring, Carolyn Wagner, Patricia Vaughan-Brogan, Roger DeBell, Gregg Dougherty-Herman, Thomas Indiano, and David Shemancik


Beth Miller (not in photo) 


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