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Link to Pittsford School District Instructional Challenge

Speaker Suggested Articles
These are articles written by or recommended by our speakers. 

Lisa Kaenzig, PhD
Dr. Kaenzig spoke at our April, 2018 meeting. She has written and spoken about introversion and giftedness for many years. View some of her widely cited articles and her recommended resources:

Introversion: The Often Forgotten Factor Impacting the Gifted

Why Not Celebrate Introvert Personalities?  (podcast)

William and Mary Gifted Resources List

News & Articles of Interest
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Note: This is a closed group. Go the page and request to join for access.


National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC)
NAGC is an invaluable resource for parents of gifted kids.  On their website you find general information on giftedness, detailed resources on gifted education in the US, an extensive list of research articles, educational policies, advocacy efforts, parent communities, and much more. Visit NAGC

The NAGC "Resource" Page is a great place to start learning.
This page includes Definitions of Gifted, Gifted Education in the US, FAQ's about Gifted Education, Is My child Gifted?, a Glossary of Terms, and National Standards in GT Education.  

Myths about Gifted Students
This is a valuable page that every parent and educator should read.  

Books used by PCSD in developing their approach to gifted education:


Re-Forming Gifted Education: How Parents and Teachers Can Match the Program to the Child  by Karen B. Rogers

Being Smart About Gifted Children: A Guidebook For Parents And Educators by Dona J. Matthews & Joanne F. Foster

Outside Testing, Programs & 7th Grade Talent Search Information

Camps, Classes, and Opportunities Outside of School
There are several tests conducted outside of the district that can help parents better understand their child's abilities at all grade levels.  Two of the best known leaders in Gifted Education Programs and Research are Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and the Duke TIP program.  Both offer above-grade level testing options.  Testing is an individual choice and parents should evaluate if testing is right for their child.  Tests can help parents form a better picture of their child's abilities across students of similar age and ability and may make their child eligible for programs such as online enrichment classes, scholar weekends, and academic camps.  Johns Hopkins CTY and Duke TIP are also excellent resources for current research in gifted education.


Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth 

Duke TIP  

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