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(Special Education PTA)

We are Committed to Families with Additional Needs


Since its launch in October of 2021, Pittsford SEPTA has received an incredible amount of support throughout our district community and beyond. Our #1 goal in creating SEPTA was to support the parents and caregivers of students who receive special education services or have a 504 plan. We believe that the best way to do this is to create a strong committee of like-minded individuals who collaborate creatively to provide resources, support and information for all stakeholders.


Pittsford SEPTA (Special Education PTA) is a district-wide committee within the PTSA of Pittsford Central School District. SEPTA exists for the benefit of students whose needs and requirements are outside the general education domain. As a committee, we seek to inform, support, and advocate for the unique and diverse learning needs of our students. Our hope is that children receiving special education services will be better understood, integrated, and embraced by their schools and communities.


We host parent information workshops each month to address specific areas as requested by our members! Some of our most impactful contributions this year have been in the form of our monthly meetings, newsletters, and an ongoing Parent/Caregiver Support Group facilitated by Pittsford Youth Services. 


Goals and Objectives:


  • To be a positive and solution-oriented group, serving as a resource to families of children with diverse learning needs from preschool through their transition from high school.

  • To provide education, resources and support to parents and the broader community regarding Special Education issues and services.

  • To collaborate with the Pittsford Central School District on relevant issues pertaining to Special Education Services, and to amplify the voices of students with IEPs or 504 plans, as well as their parents and caregivers. 

  • To provide support, information, and encouragement in order to ensure that the educational, social, and emotional needs of our students and their families are met.


As individuals with diverse learning needs and the parents and caregivers who love and support them, our journeys are often very different. We aim to make sure that all students and their families feel a sense of belonging here in PCSD.

For more information and resources, visit:


How you can help:


  • Join SEPTA

  • Join the PTSA (We cannot operate without this funding!)

  • Volunteer to be a building liaison (minimal commitment)

  • Volunteer for a position on our leadership team

  • Let us know what information would be helpful to you so we can plan the most appropriate programs to benefit you and your family

WELCOME to Pittsford SEPTA!

SEPTA Liaisons

Allen Creek Elementary - Rachael Sando

Jefferson Road Elementary

Mendon Center Elementary

Park Road Elementary

Thornell Road Elementary - Gina Brown

Barker Road Middle School - Darla Darby

Calkins Road Middle School - Jen Gelb

Mendon High School - Gina Brown

Sutherland High School - Tamara Minter

Newsletter Editor

Megan Defries


Danielle Gary

2023 SEPTA Meeting Dates: 

September 12th

October 3rd

November 14th

December 7th (With DEI)

January 9th

February 6th

March 13th

April 10th

May 8th 

All meetings will be at 7pm, and held via Zoom until further notice! 
Meeting registration is required, and Zoom information will be sent to participants
before each meeting.


For more information, please contact

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