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Nominations are in Order

Each year, Pittsford Central PTSA goes through a nomination process to elect its future leaders.  The first step in this process is to elect a nominating committee.

This year’s Nominating Committee elections will be held on Wednesday, March 6th at 7:00 PM in the Park Road Elementary Auditorium.

As stated in the NYS PTA Resource Guide, “Serving on a nominating committee is an honor and a privilege.  The nominating committee is PTA’s most responsible and sensitive deliberative body.  The decisions of the nominating committee will impact [on] the future of the PTA.” 

According to our bylaws, the Nominating Committee for Pittsford Central PTSA is made up of a total of five members; 3 of whom shall be elected by the executive board from its body, and 2 who shall not be members of the executive board. If you are interested in serving on the Nominating Committee please find the application here. You can find more details about serving on this committee and its procedures here. 

Once elected, the nominating committee is tasked with selecting the most qualified nominee(s) for the following officer positions:

  • President - elect

  • Treasurer

  • VP of Education

  • VP of Communications

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend the District PTSA meeting on Wednesday, March 6th to participate in this important vote.  Voting for the nominating committee is done by ballot.  Genesee Valley Regional PTA Representatives will be present to assist with counting the votes.

Important: Only paid Pittsford Central PTSA members will be able to vote. 

If you have not yet done so, and you are interested in voting on Wednesday, March 6th, please join PTSA a minimum three school days prior to the March 6th meeting. Membership will be confirmed at the meeting.


ASL interpreting services are available by request

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