For All Templates

There is a box on the right of all templates, outside of the page area. This box contains notes as well as headings, text, and a button that can be copied and pasted onto a page.  Delete the box when the page is completed.

Blank Template

This template contains nothing on the base layout except items that appear on all pages.

Blank Template w/ File Area on the Right

A basic layout with dummy text and headings on the right and an area for files on the right.

Table Template

This layout includes a heading and a table. Additional cells and columns can be added or table can be copied.

Directory Template

Used for directories for things such as the program directory or a directory of members.

Program Template

For use for programs. Has area at the bottom for linking relavant files and documents.

Program Template with Calendar

Same as the program template except has space set aside to post a calendar of meetings and events.

School Program Template

Used for school program or events.

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