Pittsford PTSA Website Style Guide

This page includes descriptions and links to pages found in the guide. The purpose of this guide is to give direction and advice on common tasks editors may encounter while editing or adding web pages to the site. The overall goal is to ensure consistency throughout.


Contact the web administrator with questions. 

1. Pages Overview

This page gives an overview of the Wix interface, navigation, areas of the overall page. It also addresses what should and should not be edited when creating or editing a page.

2. Website Styles

This page reviews the main elements of the website and how to use them, includes font colors, sizes, typefaces as well as the use of lists, headings, boxes, and more. Items from this page can be copied  (CONTROL + C (PC), COMMAND +C (Mac)) and used on pages as needed.

3. Other Page Elements

This page specifically addresses the ADD button on the Wix side menu. It covers common elements that may be added to web pages as well gives instructions on how to add and adjust those elements.

4. Editing a Page

This page walks through the steps of editing an existing web page, including reviewing the page, making adjustments for mobile devices (phones), and publishing changes. 

5. Adding a New Page

This page goes through the process of duplicating a template page and the steps needed to add content and prepare for publishing.

6. Available Templates

This page shows the templates that are available and a link to a page using that template as an example.Become familiar with the templates before creating a new page.