The main Wix menu is at the top of the page and consists of several essential items needed to develop a page. Several items on this menu should be used only by site administrator. Items editors will need are:


Pages Menu
Use the Pages Menu to select the page needing edits, to add new pages, to change the order of pages and to change how they display in the main navigation bar. 


Undo and Redo

Use these buttons to undo and redo changes on your page (standard keyboard command can also be used - CONTROL + Z (PC), COMMAND + Z (Mac)).


Use this to enter the mobile editor. Use the mobile editor view to reorder and resize objects on the page, so they appear correctly on mobile devices (mainly phones). This will be discussed later.

Us this to save work. Be sure to save before leaving a page.

Use this to preview the page before publishing and see how it will look to end users and make sure objects are correctly positioned on the page.

Use this button to publish thepage. Changes will not be visible to users until it is published.

The WIX Top Navigation and Menu Options


Adding Content to a WIX page

 The button menu on the left of the screen can be used to add content to a page quickly. There are several buttons, editors will only to utilize a few of them.


  1. Add
    This button will expand a panel where text, images, boxes, and more can be added. There are many useful items under this item and it will be the one most often used.

  2. Add Apps
    This button gives access to all the apps available through Wix. Editors shouldn't need to add an app for any reason, there are many apps should the need arise. Contact the site administrator before downloading or adding any apps to a page.

  3. My Uploads
    This allows quick access to all the files that have been uploaded to this site. Browse files by type to find the ones needed quickly.

The Measurements Panel

 The measurement panel located on the right can be dragged to another area of the screen as needed. Use this panel to copy, duplicate, align, and move elements on the page. 


  1. Copy, Paste, Duplicate and Delete
    Use this area to copy, paste quickly, and delete items on your page. Standard keyboard commands can also be used for these functions.

  2. Reorder Objects
    Use this section of the panel to reorder page elements as needed. Buttons include: 

    • Send Backward/Bring Forward

    • Align

    • Distribute

    • Match Size

  3. Rotate
    Use this to rotate an object on the page.

  4. Size
    Use this to adjust the width and height of an element. This can also be done by dragging or scaling the element, but this works best when a precise measurement is needed or making multiple elements the same size.

  5. Position 
    Use this to adjust the position of an object on the page. "X" moves objects horizontally along the x-axis from the left, and "Y" moves things up or down from the top along the y-axis. For example, if X: 10 and Y: 500, the object will be 10pixels from the left margin and 500 from the top.


Areas of the Page

 Each web page is comprised of three main areas:


  1. Header
    This appears on every page and is the same on every page.

  2. Content or Page Area
    This area is where you put your unique content.

  3. Footer
    Like the header, this is the same across all pages on the site.​



When editing a page, stay within the dotted lines in the page area. Items beyond the dotted lines in the page area risk being cut off. The page can be lengthened to accommodate content as needed. Content should be positioned 10px from the left and right margins and there should be a margin left at the bottom of the page that is approximately 75 pixels high.

What NOT to Edit



When editing be sure not change any of the areas highlighted below. Address questions or concerns with the site administrator.

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