Three headers sizes should be utilized: Large, Medium, and Small. Use headers to break up space and to give readers a clearly defined area for ideas and concepts.

Heading 1

Typeface: Open Sans Condensed

Size: 25px

Line-height: Automatic

Color: #0B2D57

Heading 2

Typeface: Open Sans Condensed

Size: 22px

Line-height: Automatic

Color: #0B2D57

Heading 3

Typeface: Open Sans Condensed

Size: 18px

Line-height: Automatic

Color: #0B2D57


All paragraphs should be Open Sans, 15px with a line-height of 1.5. When copying and pasting text from an outside source, be sure to highlight all text and select the "Paragraph 2" style. This should convert all text in the text box the proper size and line spacing. To adjust type manually use the panel to select the proper settings.


Note: Text must be selected to change it.


Editing text in Wix is similar to editing text in Microsoft Word. Add bold or highlighted text, create lists, and more by selecting the text selecting bold or italics in the text settings panel.


If the text settings panel is in the way while editing, it can be dragged to another location on the screen.


Like in Word, there are two types of lists available; bullet list or number lists. 

Bulleted List Example

Numbered List Example

  • Bullet points should be short

  • Bullet points should be easy to read

  • Bullet lists can be ordered in multiple ways

  • Bullet points should not contain multiple sentences

  1. Numbered lists should contain steps or content that must appear in a certain order

  2. The numbers indicate importance in numbered lists

  3. Numbered items can be any length needed



Boxes are a good way to highlight important content or to break up a page. They can be used as outlined boxes, boxes with a header element or with a solid background. Boxes with a solid background should use color #0B2D57 at 10% opacity. An example of using a box to make a more interesting layout can be found here.


Outlined Box

Box with Header

Solid Box

Buttons and Links


Content can be linked in several ways. Link content within a paragraph of text or with a button. 


Only use the gold button shown below. 

DOs and DO NOTs

  • DO Hit return twice to start another paragraph

  • DO use different size headers on a page (size = importance)

  • DO use Paragraph2 for all text

  • DO check font size and line spacing

  • DO use bold and italics to emphasize

  • DO use boxes to separate content

  • DO NOT use colors other than #0B2D57 for headers

  • DO NOT add shadows and other effects to text

  • DO NOT change the text color​

  • DO NOT use a button AND a text link