How to Edit an Existing Web Page

Editing a page is easy but there are a number of important steps to follow. Following the steps will ensure that content looks correct and is easy for viewers to read.

1. Sign into Wix and Select the Site that needs Editing

Login information will be provided to you by the site administrator.

2. Select a Page

In the Pages Menu select the page to edit. This menu contains all the available pages and folders on the website. Click the page to be edited. 

3. Make Edits

Make any needed edits to the page including editing content, adding new content and adding images. When making edits be sure to:


  • Double-check typeface sizes and line height (see Website Styles for more information)

  • Make sure you are using proper margins (see Pages Overview > Areas of the Page)

  • Size and reset all images as needed (see Other Page Elements)

  • Check layout for spacing

  • Allow approximately 75 pixels (.75") between the bottom content and the footer

4. Save Changes

Click "Save" in the top right on the Wix interface. While Wix does have an autosave feature, save often to minimize the risk of losing work.

5. Preview Changes

Review any changes by clicking "Preview" in the upper right corner of the Wix interface. Make sure all content is displayed properly and that there is the right amount of spacing between elements, etc. If additional changes are needed, click "Back to Editor" in the top right to make additional revisions.

6. Edit the Mobile View

To ensure proper viewing on mobile devices the mobile view must be edited. If editing an existing page, items in the mobile view should be in the proper place, for the most part. If new elements such as images or new text objects have been added, they may need to be moved to the proper location. 


IMPORTANT: Text blocks and images should be 300 pixels wide and should be centered in the mobile view. Use the measurements panel to make any changes needed.

Be sure to save changes.

NOTE: Make sure there is a comfortable space between the content and the footer.

7. Publish 

The page must be published for changes to be visible on the main website. Click "Publish" in the upper right corner of the Wix interface.


IMPORTANT: Publishing at any time, on any page of the website will affect the overall visibility of all web pages.

Click "Desktop" to return to the desktop editing view.

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